Remote Access Small Format PC

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 Celeron J3455
Windows 10 IoT


1 free port on your current internet router or switch.
1 Power outlet

    Please Note:

    • Includes one free additional Retailer licence (Saving upto $1195)
    • PC will come pre-configured with remote access enabled with a secure password.
    • We will configure your router to facilitate Remote access (port forwarding).  Once the device has been installed and configured additional Router changes, due to changes outside Tower Systems control (eg ISP factory Reset or other changes) are billable. 
    • Once the PC is in your control you are responsible for maintenance of the device. For example you need to ensure windows updates etc are loaded and any anti virus software, if installed, is updated.
    • From time to time you may need to physically access this device requiring you to plug in a screen (HDMI), mouse and keyboard. If you do not have a HDMI monitor, HDMI to VGA converters are available at most computer or electronics retailers.
    • Label Printers, Receipts printers & Cash drawers will not work in the remote session.  However A4 printing for reports etc should work locally providing the device is forwarded through to your remote session.  
    • Windows only allows a single session to be active at one time.
    • One-time configuration of one computer to access this device remotely.  A knowledge base article is available to allow you to configure additional devices to access this remote Terminal.
    • Free DYN address to make accessing the device easy.