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For one-off fee $1250 (inc. GST) we offer the following package of services that we undertake for you once the fee is paid:

  1. We will keyword target the site with 30 – 40 backlinks, to help Google more easily find your site. Backlinks are a critical factor in driving Google ranking.
  2. We will report on current your traffic and provide a PDF of a detailed report.
  3. We will report on competitor traffic as a comparison to your site.
  4. We will report on current overall keyword traffic and provide a PDF of details.
  5. We will email advice on suggested structural site improvements, if any.
  6. We will provide advice for you on how to get others to link to your site.
  7. We will review your site and, in particular, text content and advise on possible changes to drive search engagement. This may include advice on: product descriptions, images, collection groupings, landing page text and traffic generating articles.

The work would commence within a week of being ordered and would be completed within 2 weeks.

To proceed with our SEO package, please go to our website, choose shop, choose services and then choose SEO package. Once you have done this, please email me and the following details: 

  1. Business name;
  2. Website address;
  3. Your 5 top product keywords;
  4. Your name and position.