Web Store Consulting Package

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The connection of Retailer to a website can be time-consuming. Our clients need someone who will guide them through the process. We have people at Tower who are skilled in this. From providing advice to speaking with web tech people who may need to adjust the web technology to ensure the link is live and updating


The Webstore Consulting Package includes up to six hour’s time spent with clients, their web developer and others involved in the process. The initial six hours is costed at a prepaid rate of $880.00 including GST. It relies on using our most webstore skilled help desk team members. The $880.00 rate is discounted, as a package price. Any time beyond the initial six hours included would be charged at $220 per hour. We would advise about the need for extra time, prior to the costs being incurred.

Our software support service covers how to use our software. With website connections, support often goes beyond our software and into the other side. Hence the need to be compensated for this work that is outside how our software works.

This is a billable service offered by Tower Systems.  This service helps customers through the process of linking their existing Webstore or setting up their new store with Retailer.  This service is available to sites that use our webstore, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce links.

Once paid the service is booked by Mike Kite, with an experienced Help Desk Team member.  That Team Member, where possible, is responsible for handling all web calls related to the site as it requires prior knowledge of the site and its structures.

Customers can avoid the $880.00 fee by following the advice that is in our Knowledge Base. There are articles for establishing Retailer links to Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. The moment someone asks for help beyond the documentation, the fee applies.